Guide to changing managing agents

In some cases, apartment owners feel the need to change their Managing Agent. Poor service levels, breakdown in communication and high fees are the most common reasons why people explore this avenue.

There are several different options available to people wishing to change managing agents, the most suitable option is dependent on the legal framework of the development and also the objective of the owners.

We have prepared a summary of the three most popular options available to apartment owners, they are as follows:-

Right to Manage

An increasingly popular method of exercising control of your development is by securing the Right to Manage.

A minimum of 50% of leaseholders within a block must participate.

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Collective Enfranchisement

The main objective of this course of action is to own your own freehold.

The appointment of professional advisors is essential to ensure all stages of the process are carried out correctly.

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Appointment of a manager

A less popular and more complex way of changing agent.

Evidence of mismanagement must be provided to the court.

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